New Private Mortgage Insurance Changes!

We finally have some good news in the mortgage industry!

95% loan to value is now available on conventional mortgages in California, Arizona and Nevada.

(Not available in Florida)

Here are some of the program guidelines.

- 740 credit score required for California and Arizona.

- 760 credit score required for Nevada

- 720 credit score for all other approved states (not available in Florida)

- 45% debt to income ratio.

- Maximum loan amount is $417,000.00.

- Single family residence and detached planned unit developments.

- 720 credit score for all other states.

- 45% debt to income ratio available – all credit scores (41% in Florida)!

- 90% loan to value also available with a 680* score , maximum debt to income ratio of 41%

up to $417,000.00 (* minimum 720 score in California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida).

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