HomePath Conforming Product

Some hi-lights of this program are:

• Eligible properties must be owned by Fannie Mae (as a result of foreclosure or other similar action such as deed-in-lieu of foreclosure), sold by Fannie Mae to the borrower(s), and designated by Fannie Mae as eligible for a HomePath Mortgage.

• Lender must document the file with the appropriate pages printed from http://www.homepath.com showing that the property was eligible for HomePath Financing.

• DU approve/eligible or EAI/Eligible required

• NO MI is required, regardless of LTV or DU findings requiring MI

• Conforming Fixed (15 & 30 yr terms), 5/1 Libor 7/1 Libor

• Temporary Buy-downs available

• 5/1 ARM: qualify at greater of note rate or fully Indexed Rate

• Debt ratio determined by DU

• Eligible Occupancy; 1-4 family owner occupied, 1 unit 2nd home. 1-4 unit non owner

• LTV/CLTV as follows:

• Primary residence Purchase; 95% LTV no secondary financing

• 1-2 unit – 660 Fico 90% LTV with secondary financing; max CLTV 95%

• Primary residence Purchase; 80% LTV no secondary financing

• 1-2 unit – 620 fico 75% LTV with secondary financing; max CLTV 80%

Contact us for 2nd homes & and Investment properties

• PUD/Condo must be Fannie Mae Warrant-able

• Ineligible property types: co-op, condotel, manufactured housing

• Non Occupant co-borrowers allowed

• EAI min fico 620

• No mortgage or rental lates allowed last 12 months

• No Short pay off last 7 yrs

• Participation in restructure of mortgage due to delinquency requires 48 months re-established credit

• Age of BK determined by DU

• 5% down must be from borrower’s own funds for HomePath financing (exception is owner occ or 2nd home with 80% or less LTV

• Reserves: second home requires 2 months, investment property requires 6 months (additional may be required when borrower owns multiple properties)

• HomePath financing does not require an Appraisal in any state except for TX which requires full appraisal

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