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The Morehead Planetarium was, when it opened in 1949 , one of only a handful of planetariums in the nation, and it has remained a notable town landmark. During the Gemini, Mercury , and Apollo programs, astronauts were trained there. One of the town’s hallmark features is the giant sundial, locatedon Frakilin St. in the […]

Location is an extremely essential pointer on how to determine the total cost of a property. You could be in the same location and yet the price of each property still varies according to the position from the main road. This is also true in terms of houses that are located in the city. Generally, […]

The process of purchasing a new property , regardless of the real estate market, can be very challenging . For some couples , it can be the most frustrating undertaking of a lifetime if you are not ready . Thankfully, there are several easy suggestions you can follow to make sure that buying your new […]