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The Morehead Planetarium was, when it opened in 1949 , one of only a handful of planetariums in the nation, and it has remained a notable town landmark. During the Gemini, Mercury , and Apollo programs, astronauts were trained there. One of the town’s hallmark features is the giant sundial, locatedon Frakilin St. in the rose gardens in front of the planetarium .

UNC has been very successful at college basketball and women’s soccer (Mia Hamm played as an undergraduate at UNC), and an obsession with the sports has been one of the mostrecognizable features of the town’s culture, set off by the rivalry among North Carolina’s four ACC teams: the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Duke Blue Devils , the NC State Wolfpack, and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons . More recently, the town has received regional notice as the site of a large annual Halloween street party, with an attendance regularly exceeding 70,000.

For more than 30 years Chapel Hill sponsored two annual street fairs, Apple Chill (which was canceled in 2006) in April and Festifall in October. The fairs offer booths to artists, craftsmakers , food vendors and nonprofits . Performance space is also available for martial artists, musicians and other groups. Both fairs are attended annually by tens of thousands.

Chapel Hill also has some new urbanist village communities, such as Meadowmont Village and Southern Village. Meadowmont and Southern Village both have shopping centers, green space where concerts and movies take place, schools and community pools

 ailed as “America’s Foodiest Small Town” by Bon Appétit Magazine , Chapel Hill is rapidly becoming somewhat of a hot spot for pop American cuisine – which is likely due to the college town’s entrepreneur-friendly business environment, thriving small farms in the area, and national media attention surrounding a few local culinary notables, like Foster’s Market (Martha Stewarts Living), A Southern Season ,Breadmans, Mamas Dip’s , Caffe Driade (Food Network’s $40 a day With Rachel Ray), Crook’s Corner , The Barbecue Joint (Food Network’s “$40 A Day With Rachael Ray”), and The Lantern Restaurant (Food & Wine Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, etc.)

Chapel Hill and Carrboro offer many independently owned bars and coffee shops, such as Joe Van Gogh (formerly known as Cup A Joe), Franklin Sweets (formerly Amelia @ Chapel Hill), Jack Sprat Cafe (formerly known as Strong’s Coffee Shop), Open Eye Cafe, 3 Cups, and Caffe Driade.

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Location is an extremely essential pointer on how to determine the total cost of a property. You could be in the same location and yet the price of each property still varies according to the position from the main road. This is also true in terms of houses that are located in the city. Generally, they are more expensive compared to the ones that are situated in the rural areas. Since location matters on real estate properties, it is important to know the simple guidelines in finding a realistic location.

How do you describe a good location?

In reality, there are no definite principles in knowing a good real estate location. Experts in real estate are more than willing to talk to you on how to find a good location. Let’s take a look at the different location ideas below:

People – Certain qualities of a person who live in a certain area is determined through the place from where this person came from. The reputation of homeowners depends largely as to where they live and most of the time, their community is a basis of how they are as a person. But, wouldn’t it be such an honor to live next to someone who has good reputation?

Accessibility – It’s important to have a good location for your home. A good location is near important landmarks and institutions. Consider the travel time from the home to the different locations that are important such as the school for the children.

Security – A good location should have a good and secured environment. Scottsdale Homes enforce their communities to be guarded with gates, which are perfect examples of a secured neighborhood. Crime rates also play an important role as to how secure a neighborhood is going to be.

Safety – We are talking about the safety of a place from natural calamities. A big investment such as a real estate should never go under water or mud! Don’t let this happen to your property by researching about the past of a location.

Community – The entire community should be child-friendly. A nearby day care center, children’s park and if possible, a library are the essentials to keeping your children safe and happy during the day.

Environment – A good location should also be beautiful. Garbage should be kept at bay as well as the rules on keeping pets and allowed noise within the neighborhood.

An ideal location for you should also be realistic but it is not an easy find. You have to do your part in searching for the right documented materials and testimonials about the place. A good location is different from each person but an example can be compared to the ones in Scottsdale Homes. Above all reasons, what you have to make sure is the safety that entitles a location of a real estate. Don’t settle for what you just see available in the market. Ask help from a real estate expert on listings that you can look at and could possibly like.

Location should not be taken for granted. Do not give up your standards on safety in exchange of a less expensive home. Learn how to be patient. It is essential that you conduct intricate analysis on a propert because it is going to be a life-long investment. You can find an estate that belongs to you by seeking help from Scottsdale Real Estate.

The process of purchasing a new property , regardless of the real estate market, can be very challenging . For some couples , it can be the most frustrating undertaking of a lifetime if you are not ready .

Thankfully, there are several easy suggestions you can follow to make sure that buying your new home will be as stress-free as possible! Remember, a new home will be one of the biggest investments of your life.

1. Use a qualified real estate agent. The hunt for a new home starts simply enough and typically with much excitement. But, before you know it, the process can get very difficult and hard to understand . Having a professional real estate agent on your side will help you through the process ensuring you get a great deal.

2. Be careful when speaking with either the seller’s   agent or even the seller. Many people looking for home across the nation have given away too much information that ended up costing them money during the negotiations. Don’t speak to the seller or the other realtor until the contract has been signed. Leave all communications to the professionals. It will save you money and heart-ache in the long run.

3. If you’re looking to buy a home , be ready to make a solid offer. The property market in many areas is still very hot. Once you find the house of your dreams, be ready to make an offer. In some markets, you might find dozens of homes that fit your needs, giving you time to think about exactly the perfect new house   purchase. But in others, the house market is still very competitive.

Getting pre-approved for a loan or even pre-qualified will strengthen your negotiating position and help you get a better price on your new home. Make sure you shop around for the best rates on a mortgage.

4. Figure out your price range and only look at properties within that price range. A knowledgeable real estate agent will be able to provide you many houses that fit within your price range in the most desirable areas wherever you look.

We are all guilty of looking at dream properties way beyond our means. And, for the most part, that’s simple harmless dreaming. But, if you look at properties that are not way above your range but just above your price range, you can get emotionally involved in a house that you will end up being able to not afford. How many people within the last couple of years have bought properties beyond their means? What happens to them? Foreclosure. By restricting your house hunt to homes you can afford, you avoid this potential disaster.

5. When you finally get down to writing your contract with the seller, write it in such a way that the seller will want to accept the contract rather than counter-offering. Creating these positive expectations will help you avoid the emotional blow-ups that can come from offering a low-ball price and potentially losing the deal. Try to check your ego at the door and negotiate so that all interested parties will walk away pleased.

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